What is FTP?

FTP stands for functional threshold power. It is measured in watts. Your FTP is a number that can be thought of as the maximum amount of power I can put out in an hour without blowing up. We use your FTP to base the workout numbers off of. So if you have a FTP of 300, anything shown as red is above your FTP (it's going to hurt) all other colors are in between.

Use the calculator as a guide. But don't go bragging who has a higher FTP, because there is a force called gravity which will dictate who is faster, this is where watts per kilo is used.

Where can I get .zwo files?

.zwo files are Zwift Workout Files. It's an open format that uses XML to define the workout structure. Very simple and elegant to work with. You can find workout files here. Or build your own ZWOfactory.com

If you've tried everything please get in contact with us here

Where are my Sensors?

Please ensure no other bluetooth device is intercepting your sensors. If they're already connected to another device then ErgMode won't be able to connect. Best to turn the sensor off and on again and see if they pop up in the list

If you've tried everything please get in contact with us here

My workout isn't showing up

Please ensure the file is a .zwo file. If you're still struggling to get it imported then contact us and attach the file in question

Feature requests?

Next up on the list we really want to support more file formats (such as .fit files). We also are working on creating content inside the app such as workout plans on a calendar. Also a workout builder inside the app where you can make your own workouts. Oh and of course, Strava integration is coming! If you have any other requests please do email us below.


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